Success Stories

The recruiting team at Freedom Partners Shared Services works hard to find the right person for the right role at the right time. Here are just a few examples of how our recruiters have worked with each individual to find a job fit that is not only right for them, but also a great fit for our partner organizations.

Amber’s Story

Amber, CVAWhile I was searching for jobs, I came across a posting from Freedom Partners Shared Services on LinkedIn. After applying, I heard back from Katie, a Freedom Partners Shared Services recruiter, who guided me through the recruiting process and made sure to stress the fact that she was not only interested in making sure that I was a good fit for the organization but also that the organization was a good fit for me. She did a great job! Concerned Veterans for America is a perfect fit for me because I come from a military family and completely relate to the mission. It feels good to know I can apply my personal passions to my career. ~ Amber, Operations Associate

Tomás’ Story

When I found a role at The Libre Initiative I wanted to apply for, I was working at another job and my schedule was not very flexible.  My recruiter made sure the interviews were at a convenient time for both Libre and myself. Now I love my role at Libre as the Communications and Marketing Assistant.  It is not only a good fit for me, it’s with an organization that provides an environment where professional growth is encouraged, even outside the expectations of my specific role. I look forward to what the future has in store for me at Libre! ~ Tomás, Data & Metrics Performance Coordinator

Patrice’s Story

Patrice, GenOppI heard about a role at Generation Opportunity from a colleague at my previous employer. After inquiring about the position, I learned it was no longer available. However, my recruiter at Freedom Partners Shared Services directed me to a different role she thought might interest me and match my skills and background. She shepherded me through the recruitment process and patiently fielded my inquiries. When deciding on a job offer, she also challenged me to think about the kind of environment and role that would allow me to thrive and grow in my career. Because of her diligent customer focus, I was able to land a great job at an organization that values me and that I am excited to work for. ~ Patrice, Director of Outreach

Nick’s Story

I first heard about Freedom Partners Shared Services when I was referred by a colleague to apply for a job at Generation Opportunity, one of FP Shared Services’ network organizations. Since I was applying to work at GenOpp, I was skeptical about having to go through a third party organization in order to get the job, but I was pleasantly surprised. My recruiter, Casey, was amazing. She was extremely friendly, understanding, and resourceful. I was initially pessimistic about the position, but after speaking to Casey, I was assured that the role would be a great fit for me. Since the recruitment process, I have found that Freedom Partners Shared Services as an organization goes above and beyond when it comes to finding the correct placement for you. Most human resource departments see applicants as commodities. Freedom Partners Shared Services treats each individual with specificity to ensure you’re placed in a position that allows you to leverage your talents to excel. Did they find the right role for me? I would say so! My employment at GenOpp has been nothing short of sensational. ~ Nick, Regional Director