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Turn Yesterday’s Failure into Tomorrow’s Success

by sysop in Career Pathways, Resources

by Kristina Burroughs At the end of a month branded by resolutions, some people might feel that failure is looming over them.  Everyone has failed a time or two. Even professionals fall into the common missteps of failing to take their own advice. You’re not alone, nor should you be afraid or ashamed if you […]

Creating Value in the Workplace

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by Daniel Klaeren We all love some degree of routine in our daily work lives.  Whether it’s checking our email first thing in the morning or taking lunch at the same time every afternoon, routines can comfort us by making the day more manageable.  Too often though, our comfort with the way things are leads to […]

What is the Organizational Culture at Your Ideal Workplace?

by sysop in Career Pathways, Looking for a Job

by Daniel Klaeren Finding a workplace with an organizational culture that fits your work style is a critical component of any job search.  Unfortunately, the important piece of the puzzle is frequently overlooked by job seekers.  This problem is partially due to the work involved in accurately identifying an organization’s culture. To find the right […]

Empowering Your Team Members

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by Kristina Burroughs Is there untapped potential in those you lead? Do you know what it takes to motivate your staff? If you are an aspiring supervisor or manager on the job hunt or currently in a position of leadership in your organization at any level, taking the time to understand who you are managing […]

Leadership in the Workplace

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by Kristina Burroughs Whether you’re a job seeker aspiring a supervisory role or you currently hold the privilege of leading others, continual self-reflection is good practice. Yes, managers should be able to drive deadlines, manage successful projects, and be great at what they do – but  there is more to leadership.  Supervisors have the additional […]

Great Mentors Do These 5 Things

by sysop in Career Pathways

by Liz Hine From time to time, you might find yourself in a position to be a mentor to someone else. Mentoring allows you to help guide a less experienced person and become a valuable role model. The mentoring relationship can be formally agreed upon, or happen naturally. Starting as a mentor can seem overwhelming […]

Balancing Humility and Confidence

by sysop in Career Pathways

by Kristina Burroughs What characteristics will show you in the best light for your next job interview? Job seekers often make the mistake of emphasizing their humility and deflecting all credit which makes it hard for the interviewer to feel confident about the candidate’s confidence in their own ability. The other extreme for recruiters and […]

Mistakes Are Often the Best Teacher

by sysop in Career Pathways

by Kristina Burroughs Everyone has made a mistake or two when it comes to navigating the career landscape: landing the job, interviewing, negotiating salary, or even deciding whether to take an opportunity or decline an offer. Experience is often the best teacher when it comes to the painful lessons of making career decisions. There are […]

How to Start the Search for a Mentor

by sysop in Career Pathways

by Liz Hine Finding mentors and establishing strong working relationships with them can be an incredibly valuable part of your career development. Mentors can take all shapes and sizes – they could be your supervisor, a friend, a person who works in your dream field, a former teacher, or an unlikely connection. They can help […]

The Journey towards Vocational Fulfillment

by sysop in Career Pathways

by Kristina Burroughs Before searching for significant and fulfilling work, it is important to identify what you’re looking for. Recruiters say it all the time: “we can’t help you unless we know where you are headed.” Perhaps even more important than this saying is having a healthy self-awareness of who you are by identifying your […]

The Pathway to the Right Vocation

by sysop in Career Pathways

by Kristina Burroughs There is no such thing as an easy three step process to find the perfect job fit. In fact, the journey is full of good and bad experiences, risks, sharp turns, abrupt stops, and unexpected opportunities that pave the way to the best possible vocation where you will be the most fulfilled […]

What do I want to be when I grow up?

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by Kristina Burroughs From an early age, well-meaning adults asked you the dreaded question that some people still cannot answer today, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” I can remember wanting to become an adventure writer who would tour the world writing about what I saw.  In college, the guidance counselors […]

How to Grow Within Your Role (Part 2)

by sysop in Career Pathways, On the Job 101

by Liz Hine Last time, I gave my personal story about how I’ve learned to grow in each role. Here are some specific lessons I learned that you can use to grow in your position: 1. Open and honest communication with your supervisor is absolutely critical for professional development. Your supervisor can’t read your mind. […]

How to Grow Within Your Role (Part 1)

by sysop in Career Pathways, On the Job 101

by Liz Hine Before you write off your current organization and run out the door, I’d encourage you to think about ways to advance your career by growing within your current role. After all, if you are fulfilled in your role, you’ll also add more value to your organization and be a better team member. […]

Defining Success

by sysop in Career Pathways

by Kristina Burroughs One of the most important things you can do in narrowing down your job search starts with a series of questions that only you can answer. The first step is defining what success practically looks like so that you move closer to achieving the goals you established. There are very few people […]