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What Not to Wear: The Dos and Don’ts of Your Interview Outfit

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by Liz Thatcher You’ve landed an interview for your dream job. As you look through you wardrobe, you have a mini panic attack – what exactly should you wear? This is a common problem for anyone. First impressions are important, so here are a few tips to make sure you are dressed the part for […]

Partner Highlight: Concerned Veterans for America

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by Liz Thatcher Today, Freedom Partners Shared Services would like to highlight one of our partner organizations – Concerned Veterans for America (CVA). Veteran’s day was first observed as a legal holiday known as Armistice Day in 1926, to commemorate the end of World War I. President Dwight Eisenhower later changed it to encompass all […]

Why Economic Freedom?

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by Liz Thatcher All Freedom Partners Shared Services partners share a passion to promote and expand economic freedom in the U.S. and the world. describes this important concept as “the key to greater opportunity and an improved quality of life. It’s the freedom to choose how to produce, sell, and use your own resources, […]

The ABCs of Behavioral Interviews

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by Liz Thatcher So you’ve applied for the job and the hiring manager has called you to schedule an in-person interview. You’ve heard through your friend circle that this company tends to use behavioral interviews – what do you do now? Behavioral interviews sound intimidating and maybe even a little scary, but there are only […]

Resources for Job Seekers

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Searching for a job can be a daunting process whether you are just starting out your career or making a move with experience under your belt.  At The Seminar Network, we want to help you navigate the process from writing that cover letter to updating your resume to acing the interview. Whether or not you […]

Turn Yesterday’s Failure into Tomorrow’s Success

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by Kristina Burroughs At the end of a month branded by resolutions, some people might feel that failure is looming over them.  Everyone has failed a time or two. Even professionals fall into the common missteps of failing to take their own advice. You’re not alone, nor should you be afraid or ashamed if you […]

Distinguish Yourself: Great First Impressions [Guest Post]

by sysop in Acing the Interview

by Roger Custer Your first impression is very important, whether for a job interview, a donor visit, a first meeting, or any first interaction with another person. Make sure you take steps to distinguish yourself and have the other person thinking “wow” after the interaction. Here are some tips to do that: Dress for the […]

Jump-Start Your LinkedIn Profile

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by Lindsey Podguski Whether you like it or not, social media has become an unavoidable fact of life.   You may feel overwhelmed by all of the tweets and status updates or have managed to stay off the grid altogether.  Either way, if you are a working professional or have any hope to be, we have […]

Creating Value in the Workplace

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by Daniel Klaeren We all love some degree of routine in our daily work lives.  Whether it’s checking our email first thing in the morning or taking lunch at the same time every afternoon, routines can comfort us by making the day more manageable.  Too often though, our comfort with the way things are leads to […]

The Two-Way Interview

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by Jeremiah Hempel When you go into an interview, you already know that you will be asked a lot of questions. Most you’ll be ready for; some others you’ll have to think fast on your feet. If you’ve been on an interview, you know that it will inevitably conclude with: “So do you have any […]

Turning Fear Around to Ace the Interview

by sysop in Acing the Interview

by Jeremiah Hempel You are probably going to experience some anxiety before an interview. For that matter, any important event in your life will get the adrenaline going. It’s how you use your nervous energy that determines the outcome. Go into an interview with the right expectations and you’ll do perfectly fine. They’re going to […]

Don’t Stunt Your Success!

by sysop in On the Job 101

by Kristina Burroughs Who’s getting hired? Most hiring managers would rather offer the job to a self-starter who describes themselves as entrepreneurial. Most employers want their employees to take initiative, work professionally, and demonstrate he/she can handle the responsibility of autonomy. While employees who possess the “entrepreneurial spirit” demonstrate a real sense of urgency, discipline, […]

A Show of Confidence – An ‘In’ to Landing a Coveted Job

by sysop in Acing the Interview

by Jeremiah Hempel Confidence. Recruiters want to hire you based on your experience and skills, but chances are you wouldn’t be at the interview if you didn’t already have the skills for the position. So what stands between you and that job? They say a first date is like an interview. Let’s say an interview […]

3 Things to Consider Before Taking the Job Offer

by sysop in Looking for a Job

by Kristina Burroughs Before accepting an offer, job seekers should consider their future supervisor’s leadership and the culture of the organization. You are investing your valuable talent, creativity, energy, and loyalty to advancing an organization’s mission. Take the time to ask around and get honest feedback on the organization’s culture and leadership.  Here are a […]

Distinguish Yourself: Use Time Wisely [Guest Post]

by sysop in On the Job 101

by Roger Custer In economics, we discuss the allocation of scarce resources. Those discussions generally focus on guns and butter, labor and capital, or other economic-speak but don’t cover our personal resources. You can distinguish yourself by properly allocating the scarce resource of your time. The saying “time is money” is true because you are using […]

What is the Organizational Culture at Your Ideal Workplace?

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by Daniel Klaeren Finding a workplace with an organizational culture that fits your work style is a critical component of any job search.  Unfortunately, the important piece of the puzzle is frequently overlooked by job seekers.  This problem is partially due to the work involved in accurately identifying an organization’s culture. To find the right […]

Handling Stress

by sysop in On the Job 101

by Daniel Klaeren If you are like most people, your workload is going to occasionally feel overwhelming.  In a work stress survey conducted by Harris Interactive through Everest College, 77% of adults were stressed by their work.  Maybe you are taking on a new project, adding responsibilities to your workload or your organization is going […]

What to Do When It’s Your Fault

by sysop in On the Job 101

by Kristina Burroughs Whether you’ve been working for a decade or just bombed your first interview, learning how to bounce back from a mistake, whether it was your fault or not, is one of the hardest lessons. However, the learned quality of resilience is needed to successfully navigate the world of work. The ability to course […]

The Sunk Cost Fallacy at Work

by sysop in On the Job 101

by Daniel Klaeren Imagine you are going to the movies. You pay ten dollars for your ticket and sit down to enjoy the movie. To your disappointment, you are utterly bored by the first hour of the film but decide to stick it out until the end because you already paid for the ticket. Does […]

Integrity Starts on Your Application

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by Kristina Burroughs In the world of recruiting, hiring managers place a very high value on one particular quality in their employees: integrity. Integrity is adhering to moral and ethical principles – and that begins with being honest on your application. There are far too many great candidates who make the wrong choices on their […]