Jump-Start Your LinkedIn Profile

by sysop in Applying for a Job, Looking for a Job

by Lindsey Podguski

Whether you like it or not, social media has become an unavoidable fact of life.   You may feel overwhelmed by all of the tweets and status updates or have managed to stay off the grid altogether.  Either way, if you are a working professional or have any hope to be, we have already established why you should be LinkedIn.Jump-start your LinkedIn profile

But if you plan to use the tool, you need to make sure you’re using it appropriately.  Here are 3 quick tips on how to jump-start (or perhaps, revive) your LinkedIn profile:

  1. Add a photo – You don’t need a professional head-shot for your profile, but no one will pay any attention to you if you leave the default gray icon to represent yourself.  Select a photo that is clear, bright, and work appropriate.
  2. Update the major fields – Start with the easy stuff: places of employment, start and end dates, and educational background.  You will need to go back and add descriptions, but this will at least get you started on building out the skeleton of your profile.
  3. Keep it relevant – While you might be proud of the fact that you won your middle school contest for building toothpick bridges, it’s likely not going to pertain to your future career aspirations. However, if you are fluent in multiple languages and are interested in finding employment that utilizes that skill, make sure you list it.

Once you have a profile on LinkedIn, make sure not to neglect it.  Update your information if you are promoted to a new position or take on new job responsibilities.  Meet a new person at a work conference or happy hour? Send them a connection request after you get their business card or utilize an app like Evernote to do it for you.  You’ll find that the small steps you take now will help tremendously someday when you find yourself in job search mode.