Turning Fear Around to Ace the Interview

by sysop in Acing the Interview


by Jeremiah Hempel

You are probably going to experience some anxiety before an interview. For that matter, any important event in your life will get the adrenaline going. It’s how you use your nervous energy that determines the outcome.

Go into an interview with the right expectations and you’ll do perfectly fine. They’re going to ask about where you’ve worked. They’re going to ask about school. They’re going to ask you why you want to work for them. You should have some general answers for these. Beyond that, treat an interview like a conversation.

They want to know who you are as much as what you can do.

The people who will be interviewing you started at the bottom, just like you. They had to interview to get their current position. They had to interview to get their very first position.  Recruiters know that interviews can be nerve-wracking. Any interviewer worth working for is going to treat you fairly and politely; not interrogate you and try to trap you.

But maybe you get nervous in social situations anyway. After all, you’re going to be sitting in a small room with people who will be evaluating your skills, your knowledge, and your personality.

Take the situation seriously, but recognize that it is not the end-all if you don’t get the job. If you’re well-dressed, you know where the interview takes place, and you’re prepared to answer questions then there isn’t much else you can do. Don’t spend the drive over inventing a bunch of embarrassing situations that could happen or creating imaginary catastrophes. You are only hurting your own peace of mind.

There are some things you should definitely do to prepare for an interview, but imagining the worst is not one of them. You are an intelligent, capable person. They wouldn’t have called you if you weren’t.