Don’t Stunt Your Success!

by sysop in On the Job 101

by Kristina Burroughs

Who’s getting hired? Most hiring managers would rather offer the job to a self-starter who describes themselves as entrepreneurial. Most employers want their employees to take initiative, work professionally, and demonstrate he/she can handle the responsibility of autonomy. While employees who possess the “entrepreneurial spirit” demonstrate a real sense of urgency, discipline, work ethic, critical thinking skills, and comfortable with risks, there are some dangerous traps looming.

Here are a few obstacles that could stunt your professional growth as an entrepreneur, whether you lead an organization or exercise your entrepreneurial ability within an organization at any level:


  1. NEVER FINISHING WHAT YOU START. One of the common characteristics of the stereotypical entrepreneurial-spirited individual is a short attention span on projects that require diligent persistence over time and require detailed maintenance. If you continually miss deadlines or never finish, you will inevitably lose your credibility as a professional. Best-selling author and entrepreneur Seth Godin says that shipping something at 80% is better than never finishing it! To the inventor or creator, it is never exactly perfect.
  2. YOU’RE ALWAYS RIGHT & DON’T LISTEN TO OTHERS.  This is the cautionary tale for any visionary who creates something out of nothing – whether it is a new process or a new business. The reality is that the best entrepreneurs realize they need help and they will NOT see all the details and they aren’t the best at everything. They must surround themselves with others who will challenge their divineness in a respectful and professional way. Learning to truly listen to others will be a key to overcoming this blind spot.
  3. MAKING EXCUSES. The reality of life is that the timing will never be perfect. While it is important to strategically consider the launch of new initiatives and projects, procrastination can become the obstacle that keeps you from taking risks. The possibility of failure can stunt you from taking the risk that might just lead to the professional career progression you long to see!

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