3 Things to Consider Before Taking the Job Offer

by sysop in Looking for a Job


by Kristina Burroughs

Before accepting an offer, job seekers should consider their future supervisor’s leadership and the culture of the organization. You are investing your valuable talent, creativity, energy, and loyalty to advancing an organization’s mission. Take the time to ask around and get honest feedback on the organization’s culture and leadership.  Here are a few things to consider before you take the job offer:

1)      Leadership and Value: Does your potential supervisor value the development of their employees and do they create an organizational culture where the employee’s growth is important?  Don’t be shy about asking for your potential supervisor’s thoughts on employee development and their leadership style in the interview or in your follow-up conversations.

2)      Team-building: Does your potential employer care to get to know his or her team? Does your potential employer seem like the type of person who lets others get to know them? What is their availability and what do you need?  No one wants to feel like they are being managed solely because it is their job.  Do your research and ask current employees and former employees who have worked with that individual before and what they like most about the organization’s culture. Looking back on the various supervisors I have personally had in my past – the ones that really stand out are those who took the time to learn how I could uniquely contribute value to their goals and enjoy the work too!

3)      The Culture: Ask your potential new boss how they would describe the systems and values of the organization that drive the culture. What does he/she value in regards to the type of work environment you could potentially step into? There are certain cultures that you will flourish in and others that will not allow you to be yourself. If you can figure that out on the front end, you will increase your longevity at the organization and more likely enjoy going to work.

When considering your next job offer, take the opportunity to ask yourself these questions after your interview and follow up, if necessary, to get clarity. If these things are really important to you, then it also lets your new potential employer understand what is important to you. Like any working relationship, it is best to establish a foundation of honesty about your values upfront to make sure you are entering the right job situation.