Handling Stress

by sysop in On the Job 101


by Daniel Klaeren

If you are like most people, your workload is going to occasionally feel overwhelming.  In a work stress survey conducted by Harris Interactive through Everest College, 77% of adults were stressed by their work.  Maybe you are taking on a new project, adding responsibilities to your workload or your organization is going through a difficult transitional period.  Whatever the reasons for your added stress at work, there are a few tips that will help you cope and move forward in a positive way.

1. Positive Stress vs. Negative Stress

The first step is to realize that not all stress is unhealthy.  It is healthy to feel concern over something about which you care deeply including, hopefully, your job.  Positive stress is that anxious feeling that makes us want to get up and do something as best we can.  You know that your stress is no longer positive if it has the opposite effect – making you feel paralyzed by the work that lies ahead of you.

2. Seek a Healthy Lifestyle and Balance

It is easier said than done, but proper nutrition and restful sleep are what fortify us with the mental capacity to handle stressful work days.  Sometimes the cure to overwhelming stress at work is meeting your simple physiological needs at home.

3. Reach out to Colleagues

Don’t forget that your colleagues can be a resource for help.  Reach out to them.  Maybe someone doesn’t have as much on their plate this week and can help you in some way – just be prepared to return the favor when the situation is reversed.  This kind of cooperation in the workplace can not only help reduce your stress levels but increase your organization’s productivity, too.

If you are starting to feel stress at work, try these steps. Instead of seeing the down side of a situation, think positively, take the work one step at a time – and be sure to acknowledge  even small accomplishments.