The Lemonade Stand

by sysop in About Us


by Sam Ostransky

A successful business must go much further than a mere fiscal bottom line.  Think of a boy selling lemonade in his driveway on a hot July afternoon.  His customers are not only open hands with quarters in their palms, but are also refreshed smiles after they purchase and drink his quenching lemonade.  He is connected to his customers both before, and after, their purchases.

So, too, are all businesses connected to their customers.  Businesses and organizations come closer to their full potential not only when they measure their profits but also when they measure their contributions to their customers.

At Freedom Partners Shared Services, and within our client organizations, we value a customer focus. We create cultures in our workplaces where employees collaborate to achieve the best results.  Likewise, we measure our organization’s success, like the boy’s lemonade stand, by considering our impact to our clients and across each of our departments.  Our mission is to provide human resources, recruiting, operational, technological, and training services to our clients to help them achieve their missions. Like any business, one of the best indicators of our success is directly related to the success of our clients.

We invite you to consider the open positions within our client organizations posted on our job board and consider joining a culture with a customer-centric focus.