Why You Should be LinkedIn

by sysop in Applying for a Job, Looking for a Job

by Kristina Burroughs

With LinkedIn’s improving services, user capabilities, and aggressive marketing efforts to get company recruiters to use the business-oriented networking site as their  primary source for recruiting, you should be on it! Whether you are currently job hunting or  perfectly happy  where you are, you should be linking to your company’s page as an employee and taking an intentional approach to updating your own profile as an individual in the free market.

Here are two major reasons you should take the time to make your presence known on LinkedIn from a recruiter’s perspective.


  • Gives you a Free Online Marketing Tool – Whether or not you’re currently looking for a career change, you never know when you will land.  The days of staying with a company for 20-plus years have passed. These long-term work situations are  simply more of a rarity in today’s economy. With the changing economic climate, companies do not have the same luxury of loyalty that they once did – and neither do employees. Most recruiters are using LinkedIn in some capacity as a part of their recruitment strategy. If you don’t have a digital/online presence, then your odds of being found or hired will significantly decrease. Referrals and word-of-mouth recruitment marketing are still common but your online presence is almost seen as a ‘credibility-relevancy’ check point these days.
  • Gives you a Professional Networking Web – Although many social media sites have taken off and are popular with the general public  – Facebook,  Twitter, Tumbler, Pinterest, You Tube, to name a few – LinkedIn is still the professional online networking platform of choice.  The other platforms are great in many ways,  but for the purposes of professional networking,  LinkedIn is  top choice for professional recruiters who will need to find you today or someday in the future! Make it easy for them to find you, and you never know what opportunities might come your way.

Here are few take away tips that can catalyze your LinkedIn efforts.

Tip: Take the time to follow some of your favorite organization’s company pages or helpful resource organizations like Freedom Partners Shared Services. Engage with those company pages when appropriate.

Tip: Keep your profile updated so it is an accurate, real-time reflection of your professional career.