Avoiding Red Flags on Your Resume

by sysop in Applying for a Job

by Daniel Klaeren

Are you thinking about quitting your job?  Are you unsure of how it may affect your long-term employability?  If it has been less than a year since you started your job, you may want to think twice before typing up that resignation letter.

The Survey says…

In a recent survey by Bullhorn, one of the largest global recruiting software companies, 1,500 recruiters and hiring managers were asked what they regarded as the single greatest obstacle for an unemployed candidate seeking a job.  Nearly 40% responded that job-hopping, or leaving a company before one year of tenure, is the number one culprit.  To put this in perspective, “unemployment for a period of six to twelve months” garnered only 36% of responses.

Costs to employers

Considering the costs involved in the hiring of every new employee, the survey results are not surprising.  In almost any new job you begin, a period of training, however formal or informal, must be completed before you are able to actually create value for your organization. In this sense, each new employee is an investment; the hope being that this investment, given time, will produce a profitable return. A history of job-hopping on your resume indicates to hiring managers that you are a very risky investment.

One way to make sure you are not sending up this red flag by mistake is to clearly label any internships, fellowships, or contract work you have completed as such on your resume.  If you have left jobs after short periods of time in the past, it is worth addressing in your cover letter.  This will show hiring managers that you recognize that a four or five month stint is not ideal and will allow you to explain why you are seeking something new.  If you are currently considering quitting your job after only a short period of time, it is important to weigh whatever discomfort you are experiencing against the effect that decision will have on any of your future applications.  In all likelihood it will hurt your employability.