Why do you want to work for a nonprofit?

by sysop in Looking for a Job


by Liz Hine

As a recruiter for a number of different nonprofit organizations, I see applications from many people expressing interest in working for non-profits. We love to find people who are passionate about the missions of the organizations we work with; however, most applicants don’t take the extra step to show their interest in specific missions.

There are many different kinds of nonprofits. It’s unlikely that you are truly interested in any and every kind of nonprofit. Use your cover letter to explain your motivation for applying to a  particular role and organization. Here are some common things we see applicants asking themselves. These are questions you may want to consider during your own exploratory process in your job search:

  • I want to make a difference – In what? To help whom? By doing what?
  • I want to make the world a better place – How? What does this mean to you? How do you think real change happens?
  • I want to help people – Which people? In the US? Around the world? How directly do you want to help them? Do you want to meet immediate needs or equip people for long-term growth and success?

So which recruiting firm is best suited to help you reach your goals? If you are looking for an opportunity to make an impact on social issues, we are probably not the best place for you to look for a job. However, if you are passionate about promoting free markets and educating people about economic freedom and how it can bring prosperity and fulfillment to all people, Freedom Partners Shared Services might be able to find a good match for you.