Applying for Roles Wisely (Why More Is Not Always Better)

by sysop in Applying for a Job

by Liz Hine

There are times when more is better – more time to travel, more good friends, or more money to donate to others. Submitting more applications for diverse roles to the same company is not one of those cases. Your strategy for submitting applications should mirror a strategy for archery or darts – you’re aiming for the bulls-eye, not trying to fill every inch of the board with arrows.

Whether you mean to or not, an abundance of unrelated applications is not communicating the right message.  Here’s what hiring managers and recruiters may be thinking if you send a flurry of random applications:

  1. You do not know what you are looking for.
  2. You don’t fully understand what strengths (and weaknesses) you bring to the table.
  3. You probably won’t stay in the role long once you figure out what it is you are actually looking for.
  4. You just want a job – ANY job.

If you have a good reason for applying to a specific role, be sure to make a strong case for yourself in your cover letter – which hopefully will result in a chance to speak to a recruiter by phone.  Take the extra time to make sure you really understand what you’re looking for and be strategic with your applications.  It takes a lot of time to complete applications – why waste your time completing applications that aren’t in line with your career goals and aspirations? If you think critically about the roles you choose, you’re likely to find a better return on the investment of your time.