Great Mentors Do These 5 Things

by sysop in Career Pathways

Great Mentor

by Liz Hine

From time to time, you might find yourself in a position to be a mentor to someone else. Mentoring allows you to help guide a less experienced person and become a valuable role model. The mentoring relationship can be formally agreed upon, or happen naturally. Starting as a mentor can seem overwhelming at times, but here are five simple tips for making a big impact as a mentor.

  1. Care about helping advance someone else’s career – remember that this time is not about you; it’s about helping someone else and becoming a positive role model.
  2. Listen as your mentee wrestles through problems – ask prompting questions and offer advice only when asked.
  3. Respond thoughtfully and helpfully – offer a fresh viewpoint and help identify areas they might not be thinking about, based on your own life and work experience.
  4. Share personal experiences and lessons learned – talking about the challenges you’ve overcome can be an inspiration and source of hope.
  5. Encourage and challenge them to reach their goals – celebrate their victories and motivate them to keep pushing forward through difficult events.

Becoming a mentor has its own benefits. Mentoring helps you strengthen your own coaching and leadership skills. It can potentially help you bridge the gap with talent of a younger generation. This gives you an opportunity to hone skills you can use at your own organization.

And helping others matters. If you get in the habit of thinking about what you can do to help others around you, you’ll be in the right frame of mind to inspire growth and development in others – and you may even be surprised what you learn about yourself.