5 Mistakes That Can Cost You a Job

by sysop in Applying for a Job

Ready, Set, Think before you Hit submit

by Liz Hine

You read or hear about what sounds like the perfect job for you. You hurry to send in your application materials, confident that YOU are the person this organization has been waiting for. Then the bottom falls out and you get declined for the role a few days later. It’s easy for your first reactions to be frustration or confusion. Before you jump to any conclusions, make sure you didn’t make any of these common mistakes in your application materials.

  1. The wrong job title or organization is mentioned in the cover letter – Are you sure you know which job you’re applying for? We don’t!
  2. You’ve used the same cover letter for multiple jobs within the organization – This can come across as laziness or lack of understanding about either the role or the organization.
  3. You’ve applied for the same job multiple times – This shows a lack of organization in your application strategy and a lack of attention to details.
  4. You say that you are very detail-oriented and then make spelling or grammar mistakes in the same sentence – This makes us wonder if you are stretching the truth in other ways.
  5. Your experience seems irrelevant to the role you are applying for, and you don’t explain it – Cover letters are a great place to explain why you are a good fit for that particular industry and role. This is your opportunity to clarify relevant experience in terms of this particular job. If you don’t, then your resume probably won’t get a second look.

Before you hit the submit button on your application, make sure you’re confident that the application you are sending is the best representation of your skills and abilities. Ensure that it also expresses your interest for that specific role. If not, you’re better off waiting until you can spend time fine-tuning your materials. Put your best foot forward and it will pay off.