Overcome Job Search Stagnation

by sysop in Looking for a Job


by Liz Hine

Job searches can be challenging. At Freedom Partners Shared Services, we hope that we can be a resource to help you become more proactive and effective in your job search. Over the past few months, we’ve detailed some tips for being strategic in your search. Today, I’ll take a few minutes to recap 8 of the highlights on how to become a more proactive job seeker.

  1. Resources for Free Market Job Seekers – In addition to the Freedom Partners Shared Services Job Board, here are 5 other great resources that you could use in searching for free market jobs.
  2. What do Recruiters Look for in Job Applicants? – Get a sneak peek into our hiring philosophy – and how to put it to work for you.
  3. Planning for a Job Search – Your road map for starting the job search.
  4. Creating a Resume – What should you include or leave out?
  5. Why a Cover Letter Matters – Don’t waste an opportunity to show how relevant your application really is! Use a cover letter effectively.
  6. Why Work for a Non-Profit? – Non-profits aren’t for everyone, but here is a great reminder of why you should consider working for one.
  7. Seven Tips to Ace the Interview – You got the interview – now what?
  8. The Journey towards Vocational Fulfillment – Are you searching for jobs that will bring you fulfillment?

Still have questions? We’d love to hear from you! Send your job search questions to recruiting@the-css.org. We promise to get you an answer quickly.