Internships: A Foot in the Door and More

by sysop in From Campus to Career, Looking for a Job

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by Liz Hine

The search for your dream job can begin even before you complete your college degree. If you have considered a career in a specific industry, but aren’t really sure about the reality of working in that environment, an internship could be a great starting point for you.

Many organizations hire interns to join their team throughout the year, especially during the summer. Internships provide numerous benefits, including opportunities to:

  • Get your feet wet and apply what you learned in school to real world scenarios.
  • Get to know a company and network with people who could become good resources – and leads for potential job offers – in the future.
  • Build valuable skills. For many, this is the first exposure to life in an office – dress codes, set office hours, and supervisor expectations.
  • Find mentors to help you on your career path in the future.
  • Apply the computer skills you learned in an academic setting to the new challenges of a professional setting.
  • Test the waters in an industry that interests you.

If you are thinking about an internship for this summer, NOW is the time to start looking. Many organizations are already accepting applications for their summer internships. For some ideas on where to find free market internships, visit LibertyGuide or ConservativeJobs.